A comprehensive scope of services

Branding: We at Sketch understand that good branding is at the core of a good business campaign. We develop a comprehensive brand strategy with our clients including establishing the brand’s unique identity, digital branding, retail and packaging. Our goal is to use the peaks of our imagination to create a brand with which your customers can identify and feel a bond with; a brand that practically markets itself.

Media: At Sketch we possess a wealth of experience when it comes to media planning and digital strategy. We understand that media is beyond banners and ad space, and that to lead a successful media campaign one must understand the psychology of the consumer and strategies accordingly. Our media planners work closely with our creative team and account managers to provide the perfect media opportunities for our clients.

Digital: We understand that digital is made up of many elements, including online and mobile advertising, and social media and we are able to identify the most effective digital tools for your particular needs. We combine our creativity with our technological know-how to produce quality digital campaigns that fit our clients perfectly and comply with your constraints, helping you to take full advantage of new technology to bring in potential consumers and ensure the loyalty of existing ones.

Public Relations: These days PR and social media are inseparable, as social media has proved itself as both a major news source and an indispensable tool for maintaining communities and company branding. We use social media meticulously to cultivate amicable relationship between our clients and important stakeholders, and use our journalistic background to produce quality content to pull in the right audiences.

Advertising: At sketch we provide our clients with a complete range of marketing services, housing all our departments under one roof and meeting frequently to coordinate strategy. We work closely with our clients to meet their individual needs whilst taking the initiative to innovate on their behalf and we offer a full range of above-the-line, below-the-line and online advertising services to achieve the marketing goals of our clients.