ULF Metn

"Ever since I was a kid" Visual Campaign

ULF Metn University has opened last year with the dedication to deliver a value driven education.  As Social Aim adopted ULF Metn’s branding mission on all digital means and BTL, we planed a full digital strategy generating awareness and traffic.

We not only had to create awareness in the digital society but to define and implement a full digital strategy that led to set a Digital Platform including:

  • University Slogan "We are on the same page"
  • A microsite that support the campaign
  • An advanced and modern Website along with its content in French and English
  • A student oriented blog
  • A social media channels along with management and brand content production
  • An SEO Strategy and implementation
  • An awareness campaign "Ever since I was a kid" along with a media plan that relays on social media and local portals and websites
  • The $98/credits campaign created an active approach during the opening of ULF Metn University. It successfully reached out to our targeted audience and generated an awareness of the university. The campaign was displayed on local medias, Google network and Facebook.
  • Blogs along with stories, displayed on Lebanese media