Where sketched ideas burst into colors…

A 360-creation… beyond traditional advertising!

Overcoming obstacles, crossing borders, flying over imagination, Sketch is a communication agency, where communication goes beyond language.

It creates dreams out of the global Tower of Babel, builds bridges between brands and consumers, wipes away gaps of misunderstanding, and builds the pillars for an innovative tomorrow based on daring, yet consistent ideas.

Sketch is based on expertise. It connects the dots of the latest knowhow, thanks to its experts from different fields and background; groundbreaking advertising, resourceful design, qualified digital, creative content…

Our specialized team is young at heart, crazy in spirit, yet trained and skilled in each outcome it delivers. Business consultancy, social and influencer marketing, and CRM are key for us. All those elements combine in order to create a one-of-a-kind, memorable and long-standing experience.   

Our proficiency covers the full spectrum of communication, from concept to strategy, development to implementation and execution, offline and online. Creative campaigns are our field of expertise and we never ‘settle for less.’

Sketch works with its sister agency Social AIM, specialized in Content Marketing and Proximity Agency that provides expertise in the Mobile and Web fields.

We simply sum it all up in one: consultancy and brand image development, online and offline 360-marketing and communication. What’s more, ideas happen, fly, and get grounded at our home, under one roof… We take charge of the process from A to Z. We simply boost startups with a smile!